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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by Snuffy View Post

Sorry Forbidden Journey wasn't quite what you expected. I too went a couple times over Thanksgiving and the ride was having troubles. Especially with the "real effects" scenes. The spiders, the dragon, the whomping willow were all not working right. Hopefully they will fix it soon.
I still really enjoyed Forbidden Journey, but I just thought the "real" parts of the ride never quite lived up to the flying sequences on the screens.

Originally Posted by Snuffy View Post
As for crowd control it was tons better then the first week of opening. Also I am not sure where these "mega lines" were at. I went most days last week and never had to wait to get into HP. Of course everytime I visited the park we hit the other places in IOA first.

I suggest anyone who is visiting the park , especially during poeak time or a holiday, save HP for the end of the day.
I know the crowd control was better than opening day, but I would still expect Universal to have learned some lessons from that experience and to have finalized an action plan for when the park gets crowded. Instead their crowd control measures seemed randomized and completely unplanned. Not to mention that I went to the park to enjoy the Wizarding World, not to elbow for space to make it past the fruit stand.

Don't get me wrong - I'm glad I went and I wish I had stayed longer. But I was unimpressed with some of Universal's logistics and execution.

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