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Re: Wizarding World of HP... has this happened to anyone else...??

Originally Posted by captive_lolita
Actually, I think the Lucius Malfoy wand that's inside the cane is made of wood. I may be wrong, but mine is chipped and beech-coloured underneath the black paint...
I would be surprised if a wand from the Noble Collection was made of wood. Not saying it isn't, but I would be surprised if it were. Also, the color of beechwood is pretty much the same as some pines and cottonwood... if it has a heavy grain to it, it might be oak.

Originally Posted by PianoPlaya
Ya mine is resin. Do you know how to fix the crack?? I managed to carefully bend it so that the wand was straight again. It was pretty flexible but there is still a crack in it and it will probably bend back soon.
Resin can be fixed, but not to the same standards it was before the crack. If resin cracked, there were flaws in it when it was cast, plain and simple. It can be heated in real hot water and straightened (not boiling as it will completely melt). I'm talking like tap-water hot hot... Then cool it to harden it with cold water. Two people might be helpful for this... One to straighten (using a wooden ruler or other such straight thing to align the wand properly) and one to control the water temperature. Once the pieces are straightened, it's as simple as supergluing them together.

I have a question... If the wand split and cracked... Did the wand have a core in it? I am also curious to know how much they are selling their wands.

You know, there are members on these boards here *wink wink* that sell handcrafted wands made of wood that actually have cores in them... Just a thought... You can ask around and find out who makes them and contact them...

Hope it works out for you!

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