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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by MsBinns View Post
I am dreading going over Spring Break in April because of exactly this. Alas, as a teacher it is the only time my friend and I can both get off work to go. I am already anticipating ridiculous crowds, but I figure Potter with insane holiday crowds is better than not going at all. I'm actually excited to go at a time when Potter mania is probably at it's "last hurrah" in the months preceding the final movie. I'll probably change my tune after standing in a line for hours in the hot sun with screaming kids around, but I think it's neat to go when the mania is at an all time high for both book AND movie fans. 107 days to go!
That's definitely a positive way of looking at it xD... My parents say that once we get back on our feet, our next trip will be to Potter (mainly to stop me talking about it xD). I think that Spring Break will be comparable to Summer Break. As long as you don't go first thing, and go back at night when there are no lines, you should be able to experience everything. I do suggest doing Ollivanders first thing because it is, by far, the most popular shop there. Forbidden Journey will tempt you with the castle looming in the distance however, the shops gain great lines too...

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