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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by Snuffy View Post
Welll thats the thing. I am pretty sure if they do expand they will probably take over the rest of the Lost Continent. Other then that, they might try and put something Harry Potter in Universal Studios to even out the crowd. nothing like hogsmeade but maybe another simulator type ride. They are looking to shut down either ET or Jaws or both. both these rides could be converted to a real set Harry potter ride. A flight thru the Forbidden Forest for the ET ride, or a boat ride in the black lake for Jaws. Who knows really.
some of their best attractions? Getting replaced? I don't think so, they STILL have relatively large lines during the day. If anything will get the ax, it will be Terminator 2: 3D (much less relevant than ET or Jaws), or something like Twister, and even Terminator still gets large lines on busy days. And your ideas are... Very iffy at best, because the parks are so separate, so the Forbidden Forest would be too far away, as would the Black Lake, and it's not "Harry Potter land", it's still Universal. What I believe will happen is a partial take over of the Lost Continent (the island before HP) in 4-5 years, and then a final take over of the LC. However, everything is speculation at this point. I do know an insider who has confirmed that plans have been drawn up in what is known as the "Blue Sky" phase, the earliest part of theme park additions/plans. Meaning anything could happen with the plans at this point, including being dropped. However, if they have done this (and this guy knows that, indeed, they have), they are considering an expansion. Let the speculation begin

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