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My script excerpts

Because we will not get news very soon. I made some script excerpts of DH2. I tried to make them using the ideas that Kloves showed us through the movies. In other words, the more real possible.

So I have this scripte excerpts:
Shell Cottage: Conversation between Harry and Griphook.
Conversation between Harry and Ollivander
Voldemort´s return to Malfoy Manor.
Gringotts: After they enter at the cave.
Snape death scene.

Coming soon: Godric´s Hollows flashback.

So this is the first script excerpt:


Harry opens the door followed by Ron and Hermione. The room consists of a armchair, a goblin who is on it and looks Harry carefully. Griphook. Near him there is a sword of a shiny metal and rubies in the hilt. There is also a window where you can watch a clear sky and light gray walls. Harry goes to the goblin.

How are you?

GRIPHOOK (With a dark tone)
Well, I guess.

Thanks for trick that witch
about Godric Gryffindor´s sword.

The goblin moves his mouth and pronounce something in a foreign language.

Is there a problem?

Of course.

The goblin gets up with the sword and walk to the centre of the room leaving the window, Harry, Ron and Hermione as a background.

This sword was forged by goblins not wizards.
So it is ours.

At that time, Ron anticipates Harry but he stops him with an arm.

Centuries have passed but nothing has changed.
Always tells the wrong story.

RON (angry)
That sword was made for Godric Gryffindor.
Therefore it belongs him.

At that time the goblin turns to Ron.

GRIPHOOK (Seriously)
And Do you know who it belonged before to? To Ragnuk I.
Gryffindor stole it.

That´s not true


All watch him.

Griphook I need to ask something

The goblin turned to him defiantly, but decided to return, slowly to the armchair still holding the sword. Harry sits on it, while Ron and Hermione are standing. Griphook deposites the sword on the floor.

I suppose you don´t remember...

...That you were the guy who came
six years ago to withdraw your money
from your Gringotts vault?

While the goblin is speaking, Harry looks him perplex

Yes, you are also famous between
the goblins.

His gaze turns to the scar on his forehead and the camera focuses briefly.

HARRY (speaking slowly)
I need to ask you if ... There is something important ...
In the Lestrange´s vault.

The goblin looks at him strangely. Ron who is with Hermione decides to intervene.

What do you mean?

When she discovered the sword
she went crazy.

And when I was tortured, she thought that we had
it out of there.

Griphook decides to talk and the three pay attention.

I must not tell the secrets
of Gringotts.

I'm not looking to steal anything or attempt
get something for my benefit.
Only attempt to end this war.

The goblin looks him thoughtfully and after few seconds he exclaims

I will trust you, Harry Potter.
I have never been in that vault
but it is rumored that there is
an special object inside... A cup.

The Hufflepuff cup.

Griphook watches her with the same curiosity as Harry. The camera focuses on her.

How do you know?

Always it's worth paying
attention in class.
Like the sword belongs to Gryffindor
and the locket to Slytherin
the cup belongs to Hufflepuff.

Do you think in the vault can be
a ...?

Hermione hits his arm. Harry goes to the goblin.

What do you say Griphook? Will you help us?

I ... I will think on it. If you excuse me
I'll sleep for a while because I
need a rest.

Ron is about to say something but Harry quickly exclaims.

All right. Let us know when
you have decided what to do.

They leave the room.

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