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Re: Things you didn't spot until the umpteenth time in the HP films v.2

Originally Posted by Fury View Post
Just watched Deathly Hallows Part 1 again (first time having DVD) and I noticed a few things.

1. Hermione's parents talking about Australia.
2. Radio mentioning Dean Thomas, Ted Tonks, and Gornuk
3. Twilight reference? Radio mentioned, all in one sequence, three people by the name of Bella, Jake and Charlie.
I'll have to look for 1 & 2. I remember #3 being mentioned when it first came out, but since I know nothing about Twilight, I only was aware of it because someone mentioned it.

one thing I noticed is when they are at Lovegood's, when they are all sitting down you can see behind Xeno a bust--I'm assuming of Ravenclaw? It's over his left shoulder.

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