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Re: Do Quidditch through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts have a chance to become movies

I know the thread is rather old but I've been digging my way through the dustiest corner of the library lately--gotta go somewhere!

Anyway, as many have said before, I think that these books could easily be made into short documentaries. For the Magical Beasts book, I could see a film with either Hagrid or someone else doing a wildlife show spoof and sneaking up on the various beasts while commentating in whispers. It would work really well as a comedy.

Quidditch Through The Ages could be made into a small storyline clip, something similar to what is already playing in IMAX theaters (Quidditch in 3D!). My guess is that J.K.R. would have some percentage of any proceeds going to charity.

Who knows, if people are desperate enough in a couple of years for more Potter, the above might become reality.

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