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Re: NEW PROJECT by JKR: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - The Film

Originally Posted by SunUnicorn106 View Post
So excited about this project! Newt is really in for a world tour. I've been reading through the book and he really needs to spend time in Northern and Western Europe, Greece, North America, the Far East and Africa. There's also info about creatures from South America, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Eastern Europe (Russia and Ukraine).
We we know that this first installment is based in New York City, so I'm thinking that he'll be focusing on North American based creatures to start. It would be interesting to see him go to different continents through the trilogy.
That would be a great nod to how widespread the HP fandom is, and a way to incorporate some non-english speaking magic culture.

Originally Posted by IenjoyAcidPops View Post
I'm inclined to say he'd want to direct the first, but I wouldn't have predicted he'd be back at all, so maybe he would want to stay at the helm for the whole trilogy. As for WB, sure, I imagine they'd want to keep him around...but, as with the HP series, it's Rowling's vision that needs to stay consistent.
I think it would be an ideal opportunity to shape the tone of the whole trilogy, instead of taking what someone else started and adding your own personality on top of it. But I think it will largely depend on the release schedule, and they try to pack them all into a short period of time. But honestly, dragging them out to one every two years would probably be more lucrative vs one a year for 3 years.

is totally awesome!
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