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Re: Ruminations on Filch, Charles Dickens and Book 7

Wow. What an interesting and intriguing parallel!

I first, when reading your editorial, I have thought the hidden important document in Filch’s files could be the Marauder’s Map : it’s explain as soon as PoA that the Weasley twins has stolen it in Filch’s office. But after reading what you wrote about Krook dying before his document were found and about the possibility of Filch doing magic under desperate circumstances, I really wonder if there’s not something more.

After all we have heard far too often about Filch’s files over the books, the last (and not the least) time being at the end of HBP. We also have a hint that important things could be hidden in it with the twins finding the Marauder’s Map.

We also know that Voldemort recruit his Death Eaters very young, and that he was most probably willing to hide at least one of his horcruxes in Hogwarts. Would it be possible that he would have given one to one of its young DE (without telling what it really was, of course) in order that he got it confiscated ? Nobody would have thought to search a horcrux or Voldemort’s in Filch’s office. The story of the fake locket in HBP recalls a bit the story of the several versions of the will in Dickens story.
But it would be more believable if the thing to be found was a mere paper among the other files. Maybe a form signed by a certain R.A.B. ?

Good work, anyway!

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