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I guess what I meant about the Jane Lynch scenes is that she plays her office scenes like they're all the same scene. The high school hierarchy one from the pilot gets a carbon copy later when she demonstrates crushing the self esteem of the Glee kids with one of the competitive cheer trophies from her wall case. Her conversation with the football stud's ex goes along the same lines. Now, she plays them very well, and is deliciously self-involved, scary and funny in them, but they're all the same scene. It's rather like what they did to Portia De Rossi sticking her on Better Off Ted with a one-note character and she poured everything she could into those cheap lines--with the result that she ended up being funny all by herself on a show that's supposed to be intelligently humorous throughout. Ms. Lynch has a similar, but less severe problem on Glee. Other parts of the show are funny. The singing/synching whatever is good--but her best scenes are all variations on the same scene. In this case, I have to blame the writing because her delivery is excellent. Additionally, her character isn't the worst off. Ms. Gilsig is being paid recurring money to play a shrill nonsensical shrew that on most shows would appear in the pilot and then disappear (break-up, divorce, infidelity, mental committment, Acme safe on the head, etc.).

Belle--Sorry I bristled about Pushing Daisies. The way that sentence is structured, you leave readers with the impression that Pushing Daisies was canceled due to a drop in show quality--thus differentiating its fate from what you see as the likely fate of Glee.

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.
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