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Re: Favourite HP movie so far

It's so difficult for me to actually go ahead and rate the movies. I loved all of them, and i feel so mean giving one of them the bottom spot. I'll just put it in a few thoughts about the movies!

Philosopher's Stone -

The sweetest movie the series has to offer. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert, Dumbledore and Hagrid did brilliantly to get the viewers to like their characters. The movie has warmth, and the magical vibe to it! Seen this movie about 20 times!

Chamber of Secrets -

Lovely. Didn't stray too far away from the first one, but did have some significant character development. I've seen this movie about a dozen times! The music in the first two movies was so magical.

Prisoner Of Azkaban -

I love this movie for several reasons. First, the trio, dumbledore and Lupin look the closest to how the character was intended to look in the book, and that was a great feat! Second, A brilliant story helped the movie, and David Thewlis was amazing as Lupin! Third, loved the change of musical style, for eg: when Marge's swelling up, a cheeky piece of Opera's playing the background, or when Lupin plays the record during the Bogart scene!

Goblet Of Fire/Order Of the Phoenix

I haven't rewatched these movies recently, and so i don't really remember how i felt about them. I would love rewatching these movies, just like any other HP movie. I remember GOF a little bit, and the begining of the friction between Trio was shown pretty well. I remember OOTP vaguely, and it has one of my favority lines from the series:
'If Voldemort's raising an army, I want to fight'

Half Blood Prince -

This one's tricky. I feel a person who has reread HBP novel, can really LOVE the movie. The movie's choice of scenes was great, considering they left out the depressing parts (which the book was full of). The dramatic/foggy/darkness vibe they had going on through the movie was spectacular. I liked how they replaced the constand bickering parts with more heart-warming scenes. The music was appropriate. The sectumsempra scene was pretty good. Also, I liked the scene where they burnt down the Burrow.


Haven't seen these movies yet

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