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Re: Favourite HP movie so far

I have a really hard time ranking the movies because if I was going to solely judge them as movies, my list would be very different than if I rated them in comparison to the books.

Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone

This one would be my number one pick and my favorite film of the series if I were to judge the films in comparison to the books. Because the novel is so short (in relation to the others) it was easy for the filmmakers to adapt it in a film that stayed true to almost every detail. And Richard Harris is Dumbledore, no one ever could have played that character better, it's a shame he passed away.

If I were to look at this one solely as a film and completely take the book from my mind (which is really hard), I would say this movie was decent. The special effects were great, the writing was pretty good, and the acting had its moments of greatness and its moments of weakness.

Chamber of Secrets

In comparison to the books, once again I believe they did a great job adapting this one into a film. Again, CoS was a fairly short book and therefore rather easy to keep the true essence of the story.

This was my second least favorite book in the series because I felt it was rather boring, so of course I felt the same way about the film. The acting had definitely improved amongst the young actors. I no longer felt as if Emma Watson thought she was on stage in a theater (over animating her movements and over enunciating her words). The special effects were still good and the writing still decent. A few cheesy moments, but at this point it was still a kids movie so that's understandable.

Prisoner of Azkaban

I know there were quite a few things wrong with this film. Since it's been a good 7 or 8 years since the last time I read it, I'm going to have a difficult time pointing out exactly what those things are. I remember when I first saw the film, I had just reread the book and I was angry about some of the things left out, especially the way it ended. And the time turner stuff, they barely explained that in the film.

That being said, now that I don't remember the book very well, it's probably up there as one of my favorite movies in the series. The writing definitely got worse and I hated the way they used Ron as stupid comic relief, but I loved the cinematography. As someone who is study cinematography in college currently, I have a great appreciation for this film. The scene when Harry is riding Buckbeak over the lake, is one of my favorites. I have to say though that I hated the way that from this film on they no longer really ever wore their uniforms and in this one in particular I was not a fan of the disheveled look that they were all sporting.

Goblet of Fire

Second worst film in the series in relation to the books. They left so much out. Again, it's been a while since I've read GoF, but I know I angry when I first watched the film. I feel like this is when they really started making major cuts on information they felt was unimportant. The problem was that they didn't know where the series was going and what was going to be important and I believe there are way too many scenes added that weren't in the book that were stupid filler scenes and they could have cut those and left in the important stuff. I really wish they hadn't cut the Dursley's from this film, that's one of my favorite scenes. And Dobby and Winky and S.P.E.W. I wish they'd left that in, I know it's not very important to the overall story line, but I liked it. Also, I don't really remember, but was there quidditch in this book? (I know there was the World Cup, but I mean at Hogwarts).

All that being said, the longer it's been since I've read the book, the more I love this film. Again, cinematically this film is brilliant. The shots when Harry is flying away from the dragon are beautifully shot. Just looking at the film itself, I'd say it's definitely in my top 3, maybe even number 1.

Order of the Phoenix

My least favorite film all around. I thought it was absolutely terrible in every respect. It did not stay true to the book in any way and it did not make coherent sense had you not read the book before hand. And it was WAY too short. Who ever said "let's take the longest book in the series and make it the shortest film" was a moron.

Half-Blood Prince

First off I cannot stand Michael Gambon. I don't think they could have done a worse job re-casting Dumbledore. He doesn't understand the character at all, but of course that's to be expected since he won't read the darn books. I think (aside from the scene in GoF where he chokes Harry and pins him against the wall) this is the worst film for Dumbledore. Dumbledore would never yell at the students the way he does in this one. He took the ignoring Harry thing in a whole different direction that just came off rude. I also was beyond upset about how much they left out of Tom Riddle's back story and all of the memories that Dumbledore showed Harry in the book. And let's not forget how little time was spent on the namesake of the book: Snape. They never explain why Snape is the the Half-Blood Prince or even really talk about it at all. Absolutely terrible.

As much as I hated it in relation to the novel, as a film itself I loved it. Again the cinematography was a step up, the writing definitely improved, there were far less cheesy moments, and at least it made sense. Just looking at it as film and not taking the book into account at all, HBP is one of my favorites.

Deathly Hallows, Part 1

In relation to the book I thought it was pretty good. They did a great job of making up for the mistakes they made in previous films. The decision to make it two films was great, they should have done that for every film starting with GoF. There were some things here and there that I wish they hadn't left out like the scene between Harry and the Dursleys. I don't know if you guys have seen that deleted scene, but I thought it was pretty well done I wish they hadn't cut it. When I read that part between Harry and Dudley it was honestly one of my favorite moments in the series.

I thought the film was a bit boring, but that's the risk they ran with making into two films. All the good stuff happens at the end, the first half of the book is pretty slow. But I'm glad it was slow and uneventful because that's how it's supposed to be. The cinematography, again, was phenomenal. The writing was finally better. We got less of angsty, whiny Harry that drove me crazy in OotP and HBP. They could have found a way to make the boring sections a little more interesting, but it was still pretty good.

Okay, so after that long rant (sorry guys, I just had so much to say haha) here are my lists. I had to make two, because they're just so different.

In order from favorite to least favorite based on how I liked them compared to the books:

1. SS/PS
2. CoS
3. DH, P1
4. PoA
5. GoF
6. HBP
7. OotP

In order from favorite to least favorite looking at them as just a film:

1. GoF
2. PoA
3. HBP
4. DH, P1
5. SS/PS
6. Cos
7. OotP


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