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Re: Favourite HP movie so far

Now that all eight are released I can give an honest answer to this thread...

Deathly Hallows Part 1 will have to be my favorite. I never thought they would make another HP movie that was as in tune with the book as Prisoner of Azkaban was, but DH1 did it. Neither of those movies were as close to the plot of the book as the SS and CoS, obviously, but watching DH1 I really feel like I'm watching the book brought to life. I honestly don't find the camping scenes dull at all, just as I didn't find those chapters of the book dull. They were excellent, IMO, for a few reasons: 1. They build up slowly, from Ron's initial impatience, to his sullen looks at Harry and Hermione, and then finally to his explosion. The argument between Harry and Ron is important, because Ron voices concerns that many viewers surely will connect with- maybe Harry doesn't know what he's doing. This mistrust of Harry is something not seen too much in the first six films, because we are trained to believe Harry, through Dumbledore's guidance, is always on the right path. This changes around the middle of DH1. 2. I love the radio broadcast playing as they travel from site to site. One of my favorite scenes of the movie. The broadcaster saying "Thankfully the list is short," and then proceeding to list a couple dozen names, gets me every time. Voldemort is at large, and nowhere is safe. It's clear now just how much danger everyone is in. I love it. 3. Everyone else will hate it, but I also thought the dancing scene was fantastic. It's just like the wedding: everything is at its absolute worst, so it seems amazing that something so normal can still happen. It's amazing that two best friends can just dance together, given the situation they're in. Harry does his best to pretend with Hermione, at least for a few minutes, that everything is normal again. Reality hits her soon enough, but I think it was a good, lighter moment in a very dark film.

Another thing which stood out for DH1 was its score. The score for Part 2 was amazing as well, I thought, but in Part 1 it was so good that at times you hardly noticed it was there because the music fit in so well with the theme. The scene where Snape walks up the path to Malfoy Manor was one of my favorite scenes of the movie, largely because of the music. No one could have possibly hoped to equal the iconic themes of John Williams, but Desplat made two very memorable scores as well.

Finally, I liked the lack of exposition in DH1. It seemed nearly nonexistent, which IMO it should be seven movies in. They felt the need for a lot of recap in Part 2, which I found strange. They dive straight into the plot of this movie, without dwelling on the last one. It wasn't as though they made it impossible for non-readers to understand, it was just assumed that you had seen all the previous films (the only way the movie would have made no sense is if you had read none of the books and seen none of the movies. If that's the case, then, well)...

So my list:

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