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Re: Favourite HP movie so far

lol, I'm seeing a lot of hate towards Order of the Phoenix.

I would rank them:

1. DH2- Above and beyond the greatest in the series in my opinion. I would rank it among the top 10 greatest films that I've ever seen in my lifetime.

2. SS- Everything about this film was just excellent. Perfect casting and legitimately had a 'magical' feel to it (which is something I felt was lost in the later films).

3. OoTP- People hate this film because it was short, but I thought they did a good job regardless (better than they did with GoF at least, IMO). The reason why I would place this movie 3rd in my list is because of Luna; they could NOT have picked a better girl to play that part.

4. DH1- Very close to the book (from what I remember). But I wouldn't place it above the ones I have already mentioned.

5. HBP- Still good, but meh. As someone else said, never really did get used to Gambon as the new Dumbledore....

6. GoF- Very disappointed they didn't make this one longer. It was my second favorite book (after DH), and so much was left out (not to mention the pace was blindingly quick). Also did not like the way they made Voldemort look. He needed a nose!!!!

7. PoA- Did not like the fact that the dementors strongely resembled LOTR's ringwraiths. Did not like the actor they casted for Sirius (especially with that beard & moustashe; made him look like a creeper, lol). However, I did like the actor they casted for Lupin. And then there was problem with the time traveling thing, which I always viewed a kind of plothole (but of course, this has to do more with the book than the movie).

8. CoS- Something about a 12 year old boy being able to fight and kill a massive snake with a sword irked me. Even in the magical world, something like this should not be possible. This bugged me in the book as well.

All in all, I really enjoyed all the movies. If I was looking for something to watch on the television and happened to see one of these (including CoS), I would not mind sitting down to watch it again. It's just that if I had to rank them, this is how I would do so and why.

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