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Re: Book Seven: Who Will Live and Who Will Die? v4

Guessing here, but the gut reaction to JKR's finish suggests to me that she was not surprised by any of the DH deaths, and the ones she wrote she had previously prepared for.

Start with the obvious toasties:

Voldemort - because evil must die, even if another rises later
Bellatrix - the most unredeemable of the DE's
Wormtail/Pettigrew - he's murdered people and done all kinds of bad things, although I think he will help Harry in DH.
Fenrir - a monster to be put down
Lucius Malfoy - a useless, bumbling failure, he may be killed by LV.

Unfortunately, some students will also die:
Dean Thomas, Terry Boot, Morag McDougal, Justin Finch-Fletchley and Ernie Macmillan (these two will die together in a way we will all cry to read), and Theodore Nott are my candidates. Unfortunately, all these deaths by students mean that Hogwarts will be a battlefield again.

The trio (Harry, Ron, Hermione) will survive.

Of the professors, I am unsure, but certainly two or three will go.

I think LV may kill Narcissa, which would orphan Draco and give him strong motive to fight against LV alongside Harry.

I am quite certain that Neville, Hagrid, Arthur Weasley, all the Weasley children except Percy, and Tonks will survive.

I will be quite upset if Molly Weasley dies, but as it is one possibility that no one has ever considered in the books, I worry that it could happen.

I could see Snape dying, but only if he is on Harry's side.

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