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Re: Book Seven: Who Will Live and Who Will Die? v4

Originally Posted by PotterFreak0515 View Post
and there's also the unconfirmed story the girl who worked at the bookstore in Naperville telling Emerson that Jo said they'd all live before she got really famous.
*gasp* Iīve never heard of that one. Pity it is unconfirmed.

And Ron is the least likely to die. "As of I'd kill Harry's best friend." Ron's definitely safe. Also, it's too obvious. Everyone is saying that Ron's going to die.
Exactly. Itīs too obvious. None of the deaths so far have been so obvious and so much hinted at.

"Oh, I've got this great idea for a story: It's about a kid who has an absolutely miserable life and then dies!" And yes, I stole that off the Leaky Mug.
Well, I donīt think JKR has plotted out the whole story on that train ride on the first day, but I donīt think Harry will die either.


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