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Re: Why didn't Voldemort use some other Portkey in GoF?

Originally Posted by gavina View Post
The return function of the Portkey was then designed to take LV back to the Triwizard Tournament itself in the midst of the spectators.
Why would Voldemort want to show up in the middle of hundreds of spectators and risk being captured or injured? Any portkey could have been used to get him on the grounds without such a large (and dangerous) audience since Fake!Moody could have made one for him.

They used Viktor as the fall guy by using the Imperius Curse on him to attack the other contestants, so when they found Harry's body they would suspect Viktor. Otherwise Crouch Jr. could have attacked the other contestants, unseen. He was patrolling the maze and had every opportunity.

We can know that Voldemort didn't want anyone to know he was back, since for an entire year following his rebirth, he did not reveal his presence to the public. It was only after he was spotted at the end of OotP that he started making more public attacks.

And as for how Sirius knew, they could have gotten the information from Barty Crouch Jr. or Snape.


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