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Re: Why didn't Voldemort use some other Portkey in GoF?

Originally Posted by sllagnire View Post
Honestly, I think the howl of wind and swirling color is just visible to Harry and Cedric. But if it is not possible for spectators to see what is going on in the maze, what is the point of spectators.
Nice sig line, btw.

This has come up before. One of the reasons that many think canon is open to interpretation and should not be considered as rigid lore. It also made no sense to have spectators for the second task in the lake. How could they see the bottom where the merpeople reside?

Unless there's some kind of CCTV of which we are so far unaware, but that is extremely implausible.

Speculation is often better than accumulation I find

My earlier suggestion of LV appearing in the maze was simply speculation, a little fun, if you like.

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