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Noticing HP Actors in Other Movies

Now that we have reached book six the vast majority of the characters have been introduced, and in some cases killed off. More over with the films teetering on the half-way-point many of the characters have been or are currently being casted. Though the younger characters are for the most part new to the the level that the Harry Potter films. However, those playing the adult characters are for the most part veterans of the screen.

So I am sitting here watching TNT and the broadcast of The Patriot. And I keep saying to myself there is something blatantly obvious about the actor playing the british Calvary officer in the way he looked and acted, but most importantly spoke. So I go to and low and behold my suspicions are correct, he is played by none other than Jason Isaacs, and then after further digging, I realize that in my utmost stupidity, he was also in Armageddon as Dr. Ronald Quincy. In the Patriot his character's name is Col. William Tavington.

Any way here is my question, have you ever had one of these moments when you are watching a movie (live or animated) and you know you recognize one of the actors/actresses (by look or voice), who was also in one of the Harry Potter films, and you just can not put your finger on who they are, thus driving you crazy until you do figure out who that actor or actress is?

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