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Re: Introduce Yourself: Music Taste.

Name/Nickname: Yoana
Age: 25
Location: Right now it's Finland, but I'm Bulgarian.

Favourite bands/artists: Depeche Mode, Björk, Kate Bush, The Beatles, lots of standard jazz artists (Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong, Stan Getz, Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis, etc.)
Favourite albums: Almost all albums by Depeche Mode and Björk, but especially Violator and Vespertine; and Counterfeit by Martin Gore from Depeche Mode.
Favourite songs: Oh, far too many to even start listing them.
Favourite live act: Can't decide - Depeche Mode in Sofia 2006 or Björk in Boston 2003.

The musician/s who are the most important to you: Martin L. Gore, Depeche Mode, Björk.
If you could see any band/musician live, regardless of money, time, space, monkeys etc, who would it be? Björk.
The one band that you'd love to see split up? Coldplay
One song that everybody should hear: Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode, and anything else by Depeche Mode, actually.

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