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Re: Introduce Yourself: Music Taste.

Name/Nickname: Courtney but you can call me Sticky
Age: 16
Location: England

Favourite bands/artists: Oh gosh here we go:
-The Beach Boys
-Sex Pistols
-Harry and the Potters
-Snow Patrol
-The Beatles
-Bon Jovi

but my fav is U2

Favourite albums: Any U2 Album
Favourite songs: Any U2 Song, mostly With or without you. And R.E.M Everybody Hurts

The musician/s who are the most important to you:U2, Their music it just is so amazing...
If you could see any band/musician live, regardless of money, time, space, monkeys etc, who would it be?: U2, FOB...
The one band that you'd love to see split up? not sure but there are loads i don't like......
One song that everybody should hear:Anything by U2...Listen to them people

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