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Re: General ConCrit Thread For Graphics

Originally Posted by 8m57w6 View Post
Thanks so much both of you!! I really appreciate it!!

Griffie, these 2 are my favorites over all:

Overall, they are really great. I love the blend on the image, and I think the coloring is really well done. However the color on the second one, it just doesn't seem to fit. Maybe it's just me, but I like the bluer ones, and this just seems a bit too red or something. Not bad coloring, just doesn't work here in my opinion. Also, the one with the inset, again, while I really like it, I think it's too small an area. Then again, any smaller and it probably didn't work. Also, is it just me, or is anyone else seeing what looks like the head of a guy wearing a bowtie floating just between their heads??
Thanks for the concrit, and I agree with the red icon. And that's not a floating head, it's the sign for Zonkos if you look closely!


Usako and Mamo-chan
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