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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Originally Posted by IenjoyAcidPops View Post
Okay, I've never done anything like this before but I am curently working on my own HBP script so I figured I'd give a shot at posting my first scene and see what reaction I get. I wanna say right now, too, Phrozenone, I had the same thought about S.P.E.W. When I come to reintroducing Dobby ('cause I so wanna see Dobby again) I intend to have a little moment of outrage from Hermione about house elves working at Hogwarts, and carry that through as a little running joke rather than a subplot. But, for now, here's my take on "Spinner's End". For the love of God, be gentle!

The dim outlines of a few rooftops and chimneys are the only things visible through the oddly insistent mist. The Warner Bros. logo slowly moves out of this mist toward the camera, which then travels through it to show a street sign bearing the name Spinner's End. Dissolve to the profile of Severus Snape, levitating two wine glasses before him.

I must say, this is a pleasant surprise. What brings you to the family home?

The sitting room of "the family home" has an air of longtime neglect, lit only by a dim lamp hung from the ceiling, and comprised solely of full, musty bookshelves, a threadbare leather sofa, and an ancient, rickety armchair. A wine glass floats into the hand of a very anxious, troubled-looking woman with blonde hair and severe, pointed features. Behind her we can see another woman standing just in front of the door, her hood obscuring her face.

Severus, I need your help.

Cissy, how many times must I tell you we cannot trust him before it sinks in?

The voice belongs to Bellatrix Lestrange, her hood now lowered and the other wine glass floating in midair before her, untouched.

Bella, please!

Now now, Narcissa, we should allow Bellatrix a chance to convey her...mistrust in me. You doubt I can aid your sister?

I doubt my sister's judgment in placing her trust in a man who's spent the last 17 years under Dumbledore's thumb! Tell me, Snape, where do your loyalties lie?

You mean this (lifting up his sleeve to show The Dark Mark branded into his arm) is not sufficient answer?

Not as to why you've made your home at Hogwarts, not as to why you did not immediately rejoin The Dark Lord after his return -

I have remained at Hogwarts because The Dark Lord wished me to do so - or do you forget the assignment I was given all those years ago? And I returned precisely two hours after The Dark Lord did, on Dumbledore's orders.

Dumbledore's orders?

Yes. Or did you forget the old man thought me his spy? He believes I've reclaimed the post I held during the first war, but the truth is quite the reverse. Either way, when The Dark Lord returned I had 16 years of valuable information on Hogwarts and Dumbledore himself to give him. Rather more valuable, I think, than endless stories of how very miserable Azkaban is - 'though I'm sure he appreciated them just the same.

Alright then, answer me this: you have had Harry Potter under your watch for 5 years and yet you have never made the slightest attempt -

Potter is Dumbledore's prize pupil. It might just be abit xonspicuous if I were to murder the boy over breakfast in The Great Hall; besides, The Dark Lord has made it clear that he wants Potter for himself. (beat) The Dark Lord trusts my judgment; you doubt his?

Bellatrix wears a scathing look but says no more.

Now Narcissa, you seek my help?

It's my son. The Dark Lord has given him a mission.

You should not be speaking of the plan to anyone, much less him!

I already know of the boy's assignment.

(a pleading look on her face) Than you know you must help! Severus, please, you are his favorite student, he trusts you, you must protect him!

The boy needs no protection! You should be proud!

Proud?! I-it is only punishment for Lucius' failure to retrieve the prophecy, I know it! Severus, I must know...will you assist him, watch over him, complete his task if he cannot?

Snape contemplates this but decides with a firm tone:

I will.

So that's it. I cut The Unbreakable Vow because, as others on other threads have said, it's rather irrelevant after 'DH' and besides, Snape will bring it up later anyway. What's here is a bit rough to be sure, but this is basically what I'd like to see next November. So what do you think?

You know I didn't even notice you posted...we probably were writing at the same time. That was good though, having Snape show the Dark Mark made me smile.

However instead of Lucius just say his father...I dunno I thought it'll be a good idea for the audience not to know who her son was until Diagon Alley and then there's a big 'OOHHHHHHH' from the audience. Welcome to the thread though!!! Post more...NOW!!!!

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