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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Originally Posted by ArryGrotter View Post
I simply just found it odd that we are are flying down to this town and suddenly stop at this street sign and it just turns into Snape's face. I think is would have been better if we passed the sign and flew into Snape's house (Then when'd be 100% sure of the location too).
Well, I'm not sure what to do here myself but I'm certainly going to change that first shot after the street sign. Again, what's there now is just a placeholder.

Originally Posted by ArryGrotter View Post
I personally don't think the before fight is needed either.
You mean the thing with the fox, right?

Okay, I've gone back and made some very minor edits to that scene. Just a few line changes; just skim and you'll notice what they are. I didn't dislike what I had in those spots, but I think what's here now might just flow a little better.

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