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Re: General ConCrit Thread For Graphics


Have you tried playing around with perspective at all? I don't know how GIMP works but I am in love with my Free Transform tool. Like say you have a cool crop (#6 is a good example) with your transform tool you could rotate the canvas slightly to give it a little movement, or angle it slightly forward. This could really help with your text until you get to load new fonts. Try going vertical with your fonts or going on the diagonal. If you have more than one word try going with different sizes for the words. Such as:

we will
we will
rock you

You have a really good eye for color, though. 3, 5, and six especially draw your eye.

Annie, not much to say about your first two. I voted for your Hermione/Harry entry. Someone said that Hermy was too far to the side, but if she was any more center you would't have been able to see Harry's face clearly. But since it does look ever so slightly off balance you might want to add a small font (since you don't have to follow the bae rules for the contest anymore)

I really like your Neville coloring but I agree that the font doesn't work. It looks too opaque. I think if you lost the torn edge look and made the font a more neon red it would tie it all together better.

Your lightning struck tower was perfect, imo.


I agree with Cathy. You're an icon wizard! Your HP ones are great, but if I had one minor critisism (very minor) it's that, with the exception of #5, your other icons seem too small and a bit busy. I kind of had to squint to see what you were trying to get across.

Still working on my R/H icon. I'm trying to put what you guys said into practice.

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