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Re: Once Upon A Time

Originally Posted by TaafeMJ View Post
So who does everybody match up with between the fairytale world and the real world? Most are pretty obvious:

Wicked Queen - Regina/Mayor
Snow White - Mary Blanchard/Teacher
Prince Charming - John Doe/Coma Patient
Jiminy Cricket - Archie Hopper/Psychologist
Emma (Snow White's Daughter) - Emma Swan
Rumpelstiltskin - Mr. Gold

But there's some I'm not quite sure on yet.

Sheriff Graham - Who is he? The Huntsman?
Henry Mills - Does he have a fairytale equal?
Granny/The Innkeeper - Who's she? Red Riding Hood's grandmother?

I'm assuming they're going to go mostly by Disney fairytales, since it's an ABC show. We've seen Snow White (obviously), Pinocchio, and Sleeping Beauty for sure...any others?
I heard that Cinderella will be in this too.

How about that one girl with the red streak in her hair? Red riding hood? (I'm only saying that because of the red in her hair. )

I don't think Henry has a fairytale equal.

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