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Re: Once Upon A Time

Originally Posted by TaafeMJ View Post
Ah, OK, thanks. I completely forgot about Gepetto in Jiminy Cricket's backstory. There's a theory making the rounds right now that I really like. It says that the Queen is actually the Miller's daughter from Rumpelstiltskin. You know the name-play they like to have? (Dr. HOPPER = Jiminy Cricket, RUBY = Red Riding Hood, Mary Margaret BLANCHE = Snow White, Sydney GLASS = the Mirror, etc)...well, Regina's last name is miller. And this certainly fits nicely into that timeline.
Thats an interesting theory about regina, but im not sure if she is the miller's daughter. Wasnt there a scene this week where she was talking to her father who was a king? Im rusty on my Rumpelstiltskin lore but i dont remember the miller becoming a king.

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