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Re: Downton Abbey

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post
That's one thing I think American shows suffer because of; they try and pack 8-13 episodes worth of story in a 22-24 episode season so you get shows that don't relate to the mythology archs, the main characters, the important story lines, etc. US shows would benefit so much from going to a shorter season and then they would have a larger budget to throw at each show (Breaking Bad, for instance; fabulous show, hugely dramatic, so much story packed into each episode and it's only got about 10 episodes a season). But, alas, network execs must make their money and having 24 new episodes a season gets more people watching their networks...
I couldn't agree more. I don't understand why there isn't 2 television seasons in the US. Think of how much more they'd make from advertising if there was a short but concise season where viewership was packed into a shorter time frame. It would be like an extended sweeps week.

is totally awesome!
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