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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with spoilers)

We finally got to see this two weeks ago and I hate to be this person but this needs to be seen not read. The stagecraft is phenomenal, we are 99.9% sure we know how they did a lot of it but I don't think I could find the words to describe what happened. They need to find a way to get this to more people. Whether that is open in more cities in more countries or film that actual production, not make a movie, but I fear some of the effects would be lost on a screen. They also need to find another way of selling the tickets. This way isn't working, I have now been lucky twice but I've never been so stressed buying tickets. Hopefully Hamilton London is watching and learning!

The story I kinda still have issues with but not as many as when I first read it and the issues I have could probably be very easily addressed if JKR ever decides to talk properly about the plot. There are points when I think it should be renamed 'Albus Potter and the Curse of Middle Child Syndrome' but overall looking at the bigger picture it all comes down to parenting and trying to find your way.

I think they may have toned down the Albus/Scorpius undertone. They still have an awesome friendship but it didn't feel the same as it did on the page.

This may be a rant for a different time and place but the family sat in front of us were the worst audience members I have ever sat behind in my 15 years of theatre going. The father almost had his mobile phone thrown over the balcony by the interval of Part 2!

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