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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with spoilers)

You are in for such a treat, Liselle! I've just seen it, with Treacle Tartlet, and we were blown away!

I agree with everything Beth83 says. Things that come across as lame and as bad fanfiction in the script actually work extremely well on stage. All my doubts about the story were blown away by the high quality of this production.

The acting is first class, the music is beautiful, the staging, the lighting, the special effects are all superb. The story has lots of humour, as well as emotional intensity, and there are lots of fun little nods to the fandom. There is something for everyone! - Harry/Ginny fans, Ron/Hermione fans, Draco/Hermione fans (lol), Albus/Scorpius fans, Scorpius/Rose fans, Snape/Lily fans (OH YES), James/Lily fans ... lol. All very well done, and not cheesy in the slightest.

The play also made me very happy as a Snape fan. Oh yes.

Not only is it a wonderful, genuinely magical theatrical experience, the story has great emotional resonance. I guess it's all about people's father issues! Haha. Scorpius's, Albus's, Harry's ... Delphie's. And about trying to make peace with one's past. It's not surprising that middle-aged Harry is having something of a mid-life crisis, and it's not surprising that Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy suffer from the heavy weight of their fathers' pasts, and want to do something about that.

One of the best theatrical experiences of my life. Not just saying that because I'm a Potter fan, but also because I love good theatre, and this really is GOOD theatre.

Absolutely loved it, and would love to see it all over again. I am very blessed to have seen it at all!

I bought Yorkiedoodle's ticket, you see. She'd have been chuffed, I know.

Sorry you had such a bad experience with ill-mannered people in the theatre, Beth83. Towards the end of the show, there was a rather irritating woman next to me who wouldn't stop fidgeting - I'm sure she was blocking the view of those behind me! I can't imagine how anyone could be bored by watching this.

I particularly enjoyed Noma Dumezweni's Hermione (she's splendid, with a beautiful voice), Jamie Parker's Harry and Poppy Miller's Ginny. Anthony Boyle is an utter joy as Scorpius, and Sam Clemmett is very good as young Albus.


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