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Re: Nagini - imperiused or possessed?

Originally Posted by Fairygdmther View Post
The Nagini attacks seem to vary a great deal. I don't know what kind of snake she is, but that seems less important than her manner. In OotP, Nagini seems possessed by LV, when Harry sees through her eyes, and sees 'himself' attack Arthur Weasley at the MOM. Yet in DH, Nagini seems to act on her own, to come out of Bathilda Bagshot's neck, to attack Harry. And in fact she calls LV, somehow. And Harry has no sense of LV while in this house, or in the presence of BB.

At Malfoy Manor, Charity Burbage was AK'd, then fed to Nagini. "Dinner!"

At the shrieking shack, LV directly ordered Nagini to attack Snape.

Were there other attacks by Nagini?

Did LV imperius Nagini to do his bidding when he couldn't be there himself?

Were there other times when Nagini seemed possessed by LV?

I know that LV spoke parseltongue, but Nagini seemed to have more sentience than other animals - was this merely possession or imperiusing?

Did the Naginicrux have anything to do with LV's control of her?

Well, they have a link as well, because Nagini and Harry are both living things, both Hrcxs.

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