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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

Just to make a comment on Dumbledore and the recent revelations:

Again, I do not think the confirmation from Rowling that Dumbledore was a gay character in the series should have any sort of effect on how we perceive his character. Dumbledore is still Dumbledore, he is not changed by this, simply because there isn't any evidence within the books of his sexuality playing a direct role in the story. The only thing this revelation does is open up discussion about the meaning of the revelation within the series as well as in literature itself.

Harry Potter has had a lot of prejudices laid against it saying the series will not stand the test of time and that this is merely a trend that will grow old. However, I believe the Potter books will become classics and will be studied and considered at length in the future. I think there will come a time when the series has "Harry Potter scholars" who specialize in the series like one might specialize in Austen or Poe or Dickens. Dumbledore became a far more complicated and fascinating character after Deathly Hallows and this new announcement is just an extra layer of characterization which adds to the humanism and reality of many of the characters. Rowling's great achievement is creating characters who seem so alive, particularly Severus, Harry and Dumbledore.

One thing I would like to bring up is the question of how long Rowling has had Dumbledore in mind as a gay character, and whether she ever did slip evidences into the writing which supported in her mind the characterization, without really giving it away to us. One thing I would think is possible, given the intolerance and prejudice she explores within the books regarding half-bloods and pure-bloods and such, is whether the wizarding community at large knew of Dumbledore as a gay figure, and perhaps in OotP, some of the bits where Dumbledore is dragged through the mud by the Ministry were reflections on this fact? I mean, I recall Skeeter mentioning either in DH or OotP, as well as the Daily Prophet and their rubbish in OotP, something about whether Dumbledore's relationship with Harry was "unhealthy" or something. Many of the articles in OotP where the Ministry tries to sway the wizarding community against Dumbledore and Harry seem to suggest, now, that perhaps Dumbledore's sexuality was known to say Fudge and it was his smear campaign to suggest that the wizened Albus was a pedophile of sorts. I mean, it all certainly smells of such discrimination and contempt if we read it that way. Again, we did not know this information during OotP so it was just a plain smear campaign within the framework of the story, but adding this layer of characterization makes that part of OotP stand out more now, as well as the hooplah surrounding Dumbledore in DH and Skeeter's book, and Elphias Doge's role as well.


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