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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2


When I went too see this movie I was excited especially when watching the trailers , however I did come out dissapointed and when I here people say that it was the best movie I do cringe . In terms of the acting and the look of the movie yes it was fantastic . however in terms of the storyline it could have been so much better . I do understand that you cant put everything from the book in the movie however when you change things and it makes no sense to do so that is different . for example the whole scene with dumbledore and harry at the begnning was pointless , harry was suppose to be well protected and actually see a confrontation with harrys family and it was told he was riding around on trains and hitting on girls to me if your gonna change something at least do it somewhat in regards to the storyline . And the adding scene at the burrow it was good however it could have been more of a fight . Ginny suppose to be this powerful witch and fought the death eaters in the last movie stands there when approched by a death eater ... at least be consistent with her character which they do no justice to. anyway after the attack on the burrow everyone is happy go lucky back at school ... they were just attacked and lost everything shouldn't you be at least upset .

besides no love story between lupin and tonks , the muggle prime minister would have been cool . It really would have showed the audience how serious everything is . the movie is called the half blood prince and all it showed was a five to 10 minute dicussion of resesarch . snapes character deserved more . especaially the coward line .

to me the length of the movie was good but the fact it was drawn out with too much focus on relationships which ron and hermonie was good but harry and ginny no build up what so ever he suppose to like her cause she is more out going , gutsy and funny . she dont really talk that much . not the actress fault bonnie did a fantastic job . there was soo much they could have drawn on even with out the fight at the end if they wanted drama, they could have shown the affects of the war on the fellow students especially susan bones when her aunt is killed.Thats a fight they could have shown.One more thing and I couldn't believe thay left this out especially when it fuels the hate harry has for snape when dumbledore dies is the fact that snape was the one that told voldermort the Prophecy regarding him and his family . omg !

it was an enjoyable movie but it wasnt the best harry potter movie , here are the things i did like though
slughorn was a fantastic character as was the actor who played him
draco's character and storyline was one of the things i liked both in the book and movie I never saw his actions or snapes comming in the book . Tom Felton stole the show
Fred and George how can you not like them
Snape of course
The story regarding lily potter .

not a bad movie overall though , there is one character I really hope they give credit for in deathly hallows and thats regulus black . I know his role is minor but he has such an impact on the story it would be a shame if they left it out somehow , also it would be intresting to see tonk's family thought I doubt they will show that.

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