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Re: Draco Malfoy' during his last year at hogwarts

Originally Posted by arithmancer View Post
How do you suppose Draco came to be in that scene, if he was not attending Hogwarts?

I think he must have been, but possibly not in the scene in the Great Hall. Crabbe and Goyle are also not mentioned in that scene, perhaps they avoided going there when Slughorn brought the other Slytherins there.
After re-reading, you're clearly right. I had the timeline confused and thought that the scene occurred after the battle had started. Even more telling, Voldemort says to Lucius that Draco "did not come and join me like the rest of the Slytherins." I find the writing quite misleading, though, as all other scenes, and indeed the interaction between Malfoy and his ex-cronies, convinced me that he wasn't at school.


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