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Re: Draco Malfoy: Character Analysis v.2

Originally Posted by arithmancer View Post
Yes, and no. Not in the way the question seems to suggest, anyway. I feel the book draws a parallel between Draco and James Potter (as first years on the Hogwarts Express), in the sameness of attitude they express towards the House each, respectively, does not favor, and in showing them to be pampered and engage in bullying behavior. James, of course, does not become a Death Eater; on the contrary, he joins the Order.
Also James Potter stands up for his friends and he befriends a Wizarding World outcast in Remus and James doesn't call anyone by racial insults. Also there is no indication that James is pampered. He looks like his parents care about him, but then this is not something most parents would find to be an insult. And of course James was popular in the school, the most important point IMO. Poor Draco, he didn't have any real friends and he sure wasn't popular with the rest of the school. It's all well and good comparing Draco with someone else, but IMO it's best to do that with another character that he has something in common with besides a comment he and that other character made when they were 11 years old. It could be hard finding another character he could be compared to, there's no problem finding a character he can be contrasted with, such as James Potter. A character who is shown to make a stupid remark when he is 11 but is never shown to say anything like it again, unlike Draco did again and again.

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