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Re: Dumbledore's Death in the film could have been way better.

Originally Posted by RegulusBlackFan View Post
Here is how I would have had the climax be if I had been director/screen writer:
I agree with many of your points, though probably from a more book-purist perspective than you have when thinking of your changes. I've selected some points for discussion:
Originally Posted by RegulusBlackFan
The cave scene was like the only decent scene of proper suspense in the entire film but could have still been way better.
Above all, I missed the poisonous green glow that I envision based upon the book's description.
Originally Posted by RegulusBlackFan
Dumbledore drinking the potion was extremely well done thanks to Gambon but I think Dumbledore should have fallen unconscious as in the book.
I wish this scene were drawn out a bit longer; I don't think the film gave enough time for us to really feel Dumbledore's pain or Harry's desperation. And, of course, given what I see as a very poor set up for the Horcruxes in the film, I think the urgency, purpose, and climax of the cave scene is unfulfilled.
Originally Posted by RegulusBlackFan
My battle of the Astronomy Tower would be a bit different from the book but again a lot better than in the film.
May I ask how? What I liked about the book is that there was a battle; as it appears in the film, Dumbledore left the castle unprotected save for a couple of easily subdued guards, which is very out of character.
Originally Posted by RegulusBlackFan
I would have the Hogsmede Scene happen with Madame Rosmerta happen and Harry would be frozen by Dumbledore like in the book.
I think it would have been difficult to introduce Rosmerta in such a dramatic scene. Even if Rosmerta were an easily recognizable character like McGonagall, her appearance in the film would have, I think, disrupted the intensity of Harry and Dumbledore's urgency. However, I would have liked to see a clear reason for urgency: the Dark Mark over the Astronomy Tower.

And I think quite a few members would agree and disagree with the decision to freeze Harry. I remember quite a few past discussions on that point precisely. Personally, I cannot come to terms with how the film did it: it doesn't seem in character for Harry, even directed by Dumbledore, to not interfere when Dumbledore is wandless and surrounded by Death Eaters.
Originally Posted by RegulusBlackFan
The fact that Harry can see all Death Eater's on the tower cornering Dumbledore (which he can as their movements and expressions are described) is a plot hole as he would only have been able to see what was directly in front of him and he wouldn't have been able to move his eyes.
I presume you are referring to a plot hole in the book? From SS/PS, though, we know that the Petrificus Totalus charm doesn't stop one's eyes from moving:
SS/PS”Neville,” she said, “I’m really, really sorry about this.” She raised her wand. “Petrificus Totalus!” she cried, pointing it at Neville. Neville’s arms snapped to his sides. His legs sprang together. His whole body rigid, he swayed where he stood and then fell flat on his face, stiff as a board.

Hermione ran to turn him over. Neville’s jaws were jammed together so he couldn’t speak. Only his eyes were moving, looking at them in horror.”

Now, why the charm doesn't work on eye movement is another matter.
Originally Posted by RegulusBlackFan
*Also thought up by myself, I would have Ginny Weasley walk up the steps onto the top floor of the tower having seen Harry and Dumbledore and Harry fly in by broom ealier. Ginny and Harry would both cry over Dumbledore but agree to pursue the Death Eaters on the two broomsticks that Harry and Dumbledore had flown up on. This scene would be a consolidation of their romance.
I think the consolidation of their romance is when Ginny takes Harry's hand and leads him from Dumbledore (or holds and comforts him over Dumbledore's body, in the film). I don't think there's a reason to make Dumbledore's death a private moment between the two of them. Rather, Harry needs that time alone with him. It would also seem very contrived if Ginny just happened to see Dumbledore and Harry fly in, and she appears just in time to cry with Harry over Dumbledore's death. The artificiality of having Ginny appear would, I think, dampen the entire scene and negate any positive of rationalizing their relationship. Rather, I feel that bringing in Ginny here would just add to how forced Harry and Ginny's relationship was conveyed.


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