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Re: Draco Malfoy: Character Analysis v.2

Originally Posted by meesha1971 View Post
That's a good point. In private - or what he thought was private - Draco's concern was for himself rather than either of his parents.
Moaning Myrtle is not private, she is a far bigger blabbermouth then Dumbledore, she has shown this at every point in this story. I can't even fathom how their liaison in the girl's bathroom came about, I really don't see why we should put their interactions as THE insight into Draco's head above all else.

There is also the fact that there was no threat to any of their lives initially.
We don't need to hear him say to assume Draco is aware that you can't say "no" to Lord Voldemort. Or that they were severe consequences for failure.

The only exception shown there was in the end when some of the Slytherins - none of which Harry had interacted with and remain unnamed even now - went with Slughorn to gather reinforcements to fight against Voldemort.
I don't see "Harry didn't interact with them" as an explanation. Harry sees Slughorn's reinforcements and tells us of their composition. In his eyes they look the friends and family of the students that remained to fight, which definitely excludes any Slytherin. If Rowling's late statements override this, if the explanation is that Harry is so prejudiced that he is blind to children in Slytherin robes running right in front of him if it suggests a sympathetic context then maybe Zabini is among them. Why not?

Draco never saw himself as cowardly - he saw himself as superior and above doing menial tasks.
You know this how? You have insight into what was going through Malfoy's head when he dared Harry to a duel then decided to not show up and go to Filch instead, or when the Dementors boarded the train?

That's what minions like Crabbe and Goyle were for. Draco avoided making friends with or associating too much with anyone he could actually consider an equal because he wanted to maintain that superiority. Minions like Crabbe and Goyle were easier to boss around than someone like Theodore Nott. Draco was taught to expect everything to be handed to him on a silver platter and, even when they lose everything, Draco continues to believe that everything should be handed to him on a silver platter simply because he's a pure-blood and a Malfoy. He never really gives up trying to get back into Voldemort's good graces to regain the respect and power he believes is owed to his family. His final act in the story was an attempt to capture Harry and hand him over to Voldemort personally because he believed that would fix everything - which begs the question of whether his earlier reluctance to identify the trio stemmed from the realization that Bellatrix was not going to let Lucius take credit for it or the fact that he wanted the credit all for himself. Either way, I think Draco was motivated entirely by what he considered most beneficial to himself.
His final act in the story was saving Goyle's life at his own risk and lamenting Crabbe's death, even though they turned on him and nearly got him killed. Suggesting that maybe, just maybe, he did see them as friends.

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