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Re: Is there anything in the movies that you like more than in the books?

The time-turner scene at the end of film 3...i really enjoyed it! more than i did in the book, actually, it just seemed to make more sense! lol!

that's pretty much it though, as although i may like some added scens, (e.g. ron/harry being hit bu snape in the study room GoF) if that means taking away time for the original plot then

Oh, and Buckbeak's flight and and his actualy executuin (and the trio's reactiojn...especially the hug!)
to be honest, although PoA missed out loads and irritated me with the poor characterisation and butcher of Ron...the scenes they actaully DID have and were from the book, were often really good! apart from when they kept making ron the less important more-funny-then-brave/nice character.

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