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Re: Funniest lines in the films?

Originally Posted by CrazyMuggle View Post

"The spiders want me to tapdance! I don't wanna tapdance!" ("You tell those spiders, Ron")

lol, love that.

I always laugh at Snape and his "obviously" line in OotP, I've been going around the past two months quoting it whenever possible

and I like the shrunken head in PoA, anything he says, especially about clentching your bottom it's boing to be a bumpy ride and the did you hear that Earn, the Leaking Cauldron, that's in London lines

"Snape is vindictive, he's cruel. He's not a big man," she insisted. "But he loves. I like him, but I'd also like to slap him hard." - JK Rowling on Snape and I tend to agree with her.

"It's like crack" - Jason Isaacs refering to the addictiveness of Harry Potter

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