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Re: Fan Scripts: Harry Potter Remakes

I need help
ArryGrotter, I do like the change you made in the begining (putting in the snippet of Trelawneys prediction) but when you got to the scene outside the Dursleys house you started to do the same thing you did before; almost exactly copying the book word for word, bit by bit.
My suggestion is to SHORTEN this scene. You really dont need to have about 10 min. worth of film for delivering Harry. I dont think you need to have McGonagall say that even the muggles are noticing, its in their news. We already had a bit of the news- the movie watchers can see that the muggles have it on their tv.
Also, the discussion of saying LV v. you-know-who isnt needed because we learn about all that stuff later with Hagrid.
Just some tips, they may not be to your liking so if thats the case, I wont be offended for your rejection and sorry I couldnt be of more help.
Overall, your changes are better. I am the same kind of fan that is ticked off with the movies for lack of canon and stuff but cuts do need to be made. The original script was almost exactly the same thing as the book.

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