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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

Originally Posted by willfitz View Post
Perhaps, but I don't think it makes for anything jarringly unrealistic. I mean, we Muggles put a man on the moon before we were able to invent the mobile phone, and to other societies that might seem completely ridiculous. Such things are inevitable in anything because there is no one with an overview of the process of scientific advancement who is pulling the strings and deciding where progress should be made.
But you're using as examples scientific advancements, and I'm addressing magical restrictions. I don't think I would necessarily have agreed that it was impossible to land people on the moon, and thankfully that outcome had decades of research behind it because of a conscious effort to achieve it by thousands of individuals. It seems utterly impossible to me that any one author could achieve a similar complexity of possibilities, no matter how entertaining the result may be.

Originally Posted by willfitz View Post
To me, it is one thing for something to be shown to be possible and not be utilized when it could be, and quite another for us to suppose that something should be possible based on our personal sense of logic.
As I said, I'm rather more concerned with things said to be impossible for no reason other than that they would have too quickly facilitated or obviated plot developments. Do you believe this did not occur throughout the books?

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