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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

Something else sparked my attention today
It's revealed (in some book) that the Dursleys are Harry's only living relatives, and that's why Dumbledore placed him there in the first place.

It makes no sense.
Listen; Lily and James got Harry when they were 20; It seems like a sort of standard to get children in the WW as early as in your 20-30s, maybe for economical reasons. (Lucius got Draco at the age of 25, and I think there are more examples, just can't think of any OTTOMH)
Now, Dumbledore, Muriel and Elphias Dodge are all like 114-ish years old. If wizards/witches get children at young age, and wizards/witches live that long, Harry is bound to have (counts) even great-great-great-great-grandparents. Yes, someone stated that Charlus and Dorea Potter were dead. But if their parents were alive, at PS/SS they should be around 70-80 years. Even if we say that Charlus and Dorea and their parents broke the norm and got children late, they still should be no older than 100-110.

The same could go for Lily's parents as well, I really can imagine Dudley going "over to gran's" for some tea, and they being muggles, they still shouldn't be older than 70 by PS/SS.

Please tell me what you think.


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