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Originally Posted by Pazarius
How about this... a few days after Harry arrives back at the Dursleys, Professor Snape turns up at the door! Apparently Dumbledore considers it imperative that Harry master occlumency before he returns to Hogwarts, is again unable to teach Harry himself, and so has forced Snape to tutor Harry during the holidays!

Would be very, very funny...
He-He-He! I like it! Probably won't happen, but I still like it. I hope it is something cool and unexpected like this. Also, I would like to see Snape's reaction to the Dursleys. I think Snape could put them in their place real quick. If Snape came to pick him up, though, I don't know if Harry would go willingly. I don't think Harry completely trusts Snape. But, it would create an interesting dillema for Harry; go with Snape or stay at the Dursley's...tough decision.

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