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Re: Which Film Is The Darkest?

Hmm, it's difficult to just pick one of the films. I personally think a good argument could be made for any of these four:

-GoF: Death Eater attack during the World Cup, Voldemort's resurrection, Cedric's death, and the reaction from Cedric's father upon seeing his son's lifeless body.

-OoTP: Dumbledore's absence from the school, Umbridge sucking away the lighthearted, magical atmosphere the school had always had, Sirius' death, and the public acknowledgement of Voldemort's return.

-HBP: Dumbledore's death (a major "victory" for Voldemort's forces), Draco becomes a death eater, and Harry realizes that this will probably be his last year at Hogwarts.

-DH Part 1: Harry, Ron, and Hermione are on their own looking for horcruxes, without the protection of Dumbledore (or anyone else from Hogwarts, for that matter). The stakes are very high.


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