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Re: Last Author Standing - Entries v.2


Topic: A tribute to one of the four founders of Hogwarts

Entry #2

All the Rest

“It’s decided then,” Godric said. “The students in my House will be bold and brave. The most chivalrous and daring of witches and wizards.”

“Not to mention rash and thick-headed,” Salazar mumbled.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake do not start that again,” Rowena said, putting a hand to her face and glaring at Salazar through her fingers.

“I’m just saying that if it’s a question of brains over brawn--”

“Then it doesn’t concern you because as discussed my House will consist of students filled with wit and a thirst for knowledge, so will you please lay this argument to rest?”

“Fine,” Salazar said. “It’s just as well, because the students in my House will be of cunning mind and filled with ambition, so that they may one day achieve great success in their lives.”

Godric opened his mouth but with a flick of her wand Rowena silenced both him and his opponent in what seemed to be a never-ending battle between the two.

“And what about you, Helga?” she asked, turning to the fourth founder as Godric and Salazar engaged in a silent shouting match, apparently using exaggerated hand gestures to make up for their lack of volume. Rowena ignored them entirely, directing all of her attention to the blonde woman who had sat quietly throughout this entire ordeal. Which was rather odd, seeing as normally Helga, while an endearing and well-meaning person, never shut up. But throughout their entire discussion, which thanks to the mens’ fighting had lasted for several hours now, she had not said a single word.

“Helga?” Rowena asked again. “What sort of students will you select for your House?”

Helga looked up, and smiled that little half smile that Rowena found oddly cryptic. “I suppose I’ll take all the rest,” she said.

“All the--you mean to say you won’t assign any standards to your House?” Rowena asked. She had always known Helga to be kind and generous when it came to others, but to allow just anyone to be a part of her House? “I don’t understand,” she said. “Do you mean to say that you will take those who do not fit into our three Houses?”

“That’s one way of looking at it,” Helga said, smiling that strange smile. “But there are other reasons too. You, Godric, and Salazar are all looking for specific qualities in a person that you believe will help them become the best witch or wizard. But I will look for those qualities that every person possesses. Those that are often overlooked, but are just as important as bravery, brains, or ambition.”

Rowena listened intently to her friend. Helga said a lot of things, and not all of them were the most intellectual pieces of knowledge she’d ever heard, but every now and then she would say something that really made her think, and Rowena had a feeling that this would be one of those times. Even Godric and Salazar had stopped their bickering to listen to the fourth founder.

“A good student will need all of these qualities, certainly,” Helga continued. “But also the far more basic traits that define a person. That’s why the students in my House will be sorted based upon their hard work, loyalty, and sense of fair play. They may not seem like the most glorious of traits, but I believe that no good student can exist without them.”

And thus it came to be that the four founders of Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry, chose the qualities that each of the students in their houses would possess. Naturally, each House thought of itself as the best, and rivalries formed and reformed over the years. But none were so proud as the Hufflepuffs, who loved their House and all that they represented. Even if some people didn’t see them as such, Hufflepuffs thought of themselves truly as the greatest of all the Houses. Because after all, all good students should have a little bit of Hufflepuff in them.

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