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Re: Lucius Malfoy: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by twinsrule26 View Post
On this I disagree with you He was not happy with playing host to Voldemort in his house . I believe that the Malfoy's were not in control of their house while Voldemort was using it as his base. Those who were held there were not Lucius's prisoners they were Voldemort's, Lucius had no choice in who got held there.

As far as I can see Lucius had tons of gold to throw around ,I can easily see him buying his way out of trouble with the Law. As has been said he testified against other DE's ,so maybe that along with some gold got him off of all charges?.
Yes, they were Voldemort's prisoners. But he was using Malfoy Manor as a base because Lucius was a DE. He didn't go to any wizarding home. It was Lucius' own fault that his home was turned into a base for a criminal organisation. It was Lucius' own fault that he lost control of his own home.

I'd like to think that Kingsley was running a less corrupt Ministry than Fudge, but if Lucius was able to buy his way out of trouble, again, it would be disappointing. I'd prefer to think that along with his testimony, Lucius was forced to contribute a large pile of gold to the rebuilding fund, rather than to the Gringotts account of some corrupt Ministry officials. (I'd also like to think that this money was going to help Muggleborn victims of the DEs, because that would be the most galling to Lucius, but also the most fitting if he was to make some kind of contribution or tiny version of amends.) I'd like to think that he was maybe kept under house arrest for at least a time, and I'd like to think that Kingsley, as a better Minister than his predecessors, and the new Auror Department ensured that Lucius, and any other terrorists who avoided prison were closely monitored. Perhaps even a suspended sentence, whereby if he got into trouble again, he would serve the sentence, no excuses, sympathies or pay-offs.

Originally Posted by ShadowSonic View Post
That was more pragmatism than anything else. He needed Wormtail alive to clear Sirius' name. If they didn't need a living Wormtail to confess, there's no doubt Harry would have wanted to kill him.
The body of Sirius' supposed victim would be enough to raise questions, IMO. Thinking on it, I recall that he spared Wormtail so that Sirius and Lupin would not become killers.


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