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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

One scene that immediately came to my mind that no one has mentioned is the scene starting with Harry following the doe into the woods and ending with Ron destroying the locket horcrux. I think that'll be very exciting, with Ron pulling Harry out of the pool, then seeing all his own fears manifest, and finally driving the sword into the locket. The moments before that happens, where he seems to be allowing the visions to cow him, and Harry yelling at him to destroy it, were the best of the camping scenes. Not to mention the moment of surprise when rather than giving Ron a great big hug when they return to tent, Hermione hits him.

Another is definately Snape's last breath when he asks Harry to look at him. I hope that we get to see The Prince's Tale even as a shortened montage that at least includes the highlights, first establishing his love for Lily, and going on through the final scene in which Harry finds out he must die at Voldemort's hand, ending with Snape's patronus and answer to Dumbledore's query: "Always."

It goes without saying that Harry's walk to his "death" and later his final battle with Voldemort will be among the best scenes (I hope!) in the film series.

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