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Re: Deathly Hallows Part 1: Romantic moments & that scene...

Originally Posted by free_elf View Post
Really, after thinking about it, discussing it and reading so much about it, my mind is pretty frazzled.

But really to sum up, I'm much the same as Magic_is_Might (despite the fact that we support different ships, I believe?) in that really it seems to boil down to a "what if" moment. I don't think Harry intended to seduce Hermione or Hermione intended to lead Harry on. The "will they won't they moment" was borne more out of the moment. And in this way I think it would more about general lust. To me it was more that, if there was any thought in either of their minds it was more a result of "I want comfort and physical intimacy and you're the only one here for me at the moment."

Basically, I don't think Harry was thinking "I want to kiss Hermione" but simply "I want to kiss." As such, it came across that there weren't any real feelings just the need for intimacy.

I think that pretty much sums up my view.
And what ships do you support

I also don't think it was intended as seduction on either behalf. They were both hurting and maybe it was a "borne out of the moment thing". They both needed comfort and cheering up, and they both just happened to be there. Not anything like "I'm going to dance with Hermione, the girl Ron likes" but more as "I'm going to dance with a friend because she needs cheering up" as lame as that sounds.

And the bolded is another interesting way of looking at it

And yes, I can see how the lack of any equally touching Ron/Hermione scenes can be irritating. I guess all I can say is that Part 2 will hopefully not disappoint in that department.

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