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Re: Deathly Hallows Part 1: Romantic moments & that scene...

Originally Posted by magic_is_might View Post
When I'm reading the books, or watching the movie, I'm totally canon and completely for R/Hr! For fun, I ship H/Hr So I don't want to be mistaken as a delusional H/Hr shipper who want to see romance in this scene, because even I don't.
Oh don't worry I never got the impression you were delusional I've quite enjoyed reading your posts on the matter.

As for the purpose of the H/Hr dance scene, I think Yoana hinted at this, but it served the purpose of showing how the characters care for one another. It would have been rather odd for the casual viewer, I think, if Harry hadn't tried in some way to alleviate the gloom. Also, purely in terms of pacing and mood the scene was an attempt to shift us out of the gloom for a moment, to remind us that there is light and happiness for these characters, and conversely to remind us how dark things actually are. The scene falls between an emotionally draining scene (Ron's leaving) and a very scary and tense one (Godric's Hollow). I think the film makers just didn't want to have us on a low for so long.

Could they have done this another way? Probably. But as I have argued before, I think the intimate undertones served to propel and heighten the contrast and effect of Hermione's "choice," which runs through the Horcrux destruction as well.

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