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Re: Deathly Hallows Part 1: Romantic moments & that scene...

Originally Posted by magic_is_might View Post
I see no reason not to I'm hoping for some awesome, extended, uncut Part 1+2 combined ultra DVD/Blu-Ray set It's not like WB wouldn't mind making some money from it But, I won't get my hopes up...
I was actually just about to post this. LOL. I would absolutely buy this. Seeing part 1 and part 2 as one movie would be great.

While we are talking romantic scenes, I complain about a lack of R/Hr scenes, but Ginny and Harry really get shafted in these movies.

To play the Devil's Advocate (aka Yates at this point), perhaps the humour and lightness of Ron's scene with Hermione undercut the build up to him leaving. There really isn't that much time devoted to building up Ron's desperate state, it's basically just a montage type scene. As such, perhaps a scene showing Ron having a good time while camping might have been counter productive to Ron's leaving?

That's probably more likely then just the blanket statement that Yates gave about it not fitting the tone of the movie.

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